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AIRGAS TECHNOLOGY Sdn Bhd, We specialize in supply of all range of industrial gases, gas cylinder, valve, regulator, hoses, personal protection equipment’s for fireman and industrial, firefighting equipment, first aid room, and safety workshop equipment. To service local industries as well as stockiest for an extensive range of renowned products. Our products have been carefully selected to meet ANZI, CE or EN standards and in addition to providing superior quality and purity at reasonable and competitive prices.

We are your answer to one-stop supply, with our extensive product range, market credibility, expertise and reliability, we are confident that we can cater to most organization’s needs. Should you need further assistance, clarification or require a competitive quotation for items which may not appear in the above list, please do not hesitate to contact us without obligations.

Gases is our main products, AIRGAS is a local supplier for several gases, gas as Oxygen, Acetylene, Nitrogen, Argon, Carbon dioxide, Helium, refrigeration gases, calibration and some others gases, in several cylinder size and pressure. Medical air and Medical gases is our key products for the gases, we do medical oxygen, medical air, nitro oxide, also with the medical equipment, concentrator, compressor. etc.

Gas equipment is import for the gases usage, this is refer the cylinder, 47L, 50L, 10L. valve, regulator, hoses and connector, AIRGAS have authorized distributor agreement for quality and reliable products, products from Germany, Italy, china and Korea. AIRGAS be able to serve all industrial needs, the equipment for pure gases, medical, and industrial.

Cut and Weld Products. AIRGAS also have supply the steel cutting and welding products, range as inverter welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, oxygen cut equipment, electrode, cutting and grinding disk, and many others for welding industrial

Personal Protection. safety is one of the most important in today industrial, AIRGAS personal protection have a big range and mainly for welder, dust protection, chemical protection, first response team, firefighting, working at confine space, and the temperature heat protection. AIRGAS have supply, rental and maintenance, the products as SCBA, EEBD, respirator, fireman suit, chemical suit, glove, helmet, shoe, gas detector, etc.

5 Firefighting equipment, AIRGAS was supplying the CO2 gas for firefighting , with full range from refilling to testing and inspecting the fire extinguisher, trolley, and system,. The others media as inergent gas, N2 mix, FM200, ABC powder , AFFF foam, and some others also our key supply of AIRGAS, the valve, nozzle, and part also have suffusion stock for any type of replacement.

Equipment rental is one of our key business for AIRGAS and also importance our customer, due to some industrial PPE cost is height , customer with short period of works, but without the PPE, the job unable to be fulfilled, to reduce the customer costing, this rental method is very welcome. The most renting equipment as SCBA, EEBD, fire Extinguisher, gas detector, chemical suit, fireman suit, trolley lifeline, compressor, etc. 

Workshop Equipment. AIRGAS is one of the local suppliers who able to provide workshop equipment supply and training, as in the safety industry, the safety equipment is one of the most important for user, to make sure the equipment is in good conditions, the inspection and testing workshop is very important,. AIRGAS able to supply the testing equipment for fire detector, gas detector, SCBA cylinder pressure test, high-pressure hose test, valve test, respirator, gas testing, welding test, and weight test.

Safety training, will be part of our duty to enhance the usage of the safety products, AIRGAS provides training for several key products, as the Gas detector, lifeline BA system, chemical suit, confined space, and firefighting.


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