Regulator Hornung HP 250 Frontline

Single stage with automatic changeover. HP 250 Frontline

Gas supply station, HP250 Frontline / 12 bar / Single stage
brass matt chrome plated, automatic changeover

-for 2 x 1 cylinder
-automatic changeover
-for gas quality up to 6.0
-special purged, for non corrosive gases assembled on mounting console stainless steel
-with internal purging and shut-off valves for process- and purge gas
-seat seal PCTFE
-inlet pressure max.: 200bar
-2 x pressure gauge 0-315bar/200bar
-outlet pressure range 10-12bar
-gauge -1 – 15/rM12bar
-blow-off valve activate > 14bar
-inlet connections: 1/4″NPT female
-outlet connection: 1/4″NPT female

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