Helium Balloon Gas with 13L disposable cylinder for 50pcs


Portable and Disposable tank for balloon gas with regulator
cylinder water capacity. 13.4L
pressure refilling. 30bar
pressure testing. 45bar
balloon refill for 50 pcs
Helium Balloon gas content : 400L

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– Quality and Durable!
– Portable and Disposable tank
– Lightweight
– Volume: 13.4L
– Easy to use
– Hassle free Approximately Enough Helium For:
-10″ Latex balloon can blow up to 20pcs using float time 10 hours
– 9″ Latex balloon can blow up to 30pcs using float time 6-8 hours
-11″ Latex  balloon can blow up to 15pcs using float time 12 hours
-18″ Foil balloons can blow up to 12pcs using float time 1 weeks  Inflation tips :
– please inflate latex balloons 1-2 hours before your party, on the day of your party.
– please use the size on the top pf the box for inflating your balloons. Set contains : cylinder, filling adaptor.
Uses for : anniversaries, themes, christening, weddings, parties, birthdays, celebrations, reunions, graduations, events and etc.

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 44 cm
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