Honeywell T8000 TYPE II SCBA #1068


Honeywell T8000 MODEL-SCBA- 805MLK-T is a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) that is designed to provide a superior and effective safety product for respiratory protection in fire fighting and industrial usage that complies with the EN300, Type II Classifications. The T8000 SCBA from Honeywell understands a Firefighter’s ensemble in high heat conditions, and the level of thermal performance. Firefighters need the finest protection against unforeseen circumstances that are immediately dangerous to life or health.


Non-metallic self-extinguishable and ergonomic back-plate Perfect weight distribution of the apparatus on hips Flexible connector demand Valve with exceptional mobility Ergonomically designed and comfortable cushion shoulder harness and Hip Belt Reliable reducer system with equalized air flow and isolate second connector outlet Technologically advanced high pressure gauge with chest whistle located close to the ear

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