LW cylinder for BA storage #1012

Storage tanks are frequently used to provide extra filling capacity during peak periods (with or without cascade filling panels).
Ideally, the storage pressure should be higher than the filling pressure. A fully automatic control system for compressors is
recommended (e.g. ECC). L&W provides different storage systems in modular design, starting from 10 m³ storage volume up.
Our cascade filling panels are available for one to four stages operation. Tell us your requirements and we will calculate your
individual system.

»»Stationary steel tanks 10 year hydro test, powder coated in accordance with EN 1089/3
»»Powder coated according to EN 1089/3
»»Special paintings on request
»»50 l tank size
»»Operation pressure: up to 350 bar
»»Operation pressure: 200, 300, 420 and 500 bar on request
»»Painted steel housing (RAL 6026)
»»Connected according to customer’s specifications
»»Modular construction to accommodate future expansions

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