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The MSA AirXpress 2 Fire is a simplistic, reliable and economical SCBA that meets the EN 137, Type II requirements for the fire service market and a variety of related applications. The AirXpress 2 Fire is rugged and reliable with customizable configurations depending on your needs. This Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus boasts a new, modern design and the easy-to-maintain construction provides low cost of ownership.
The new AX demand valve provides an adjustable flow rate and an optional manual bypass function. Zippers on shoulder harnesses allow for switching of pressure gauge and demand valve from one side to another. All the added features of the AirXpress 2 Fire are ideal for extreme working conditions (heavy breathing environments) and increased overall user safety.

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The packing, Weight is 15.5kgs, size as 705 x 310 x 530

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