Hornung -F1 fine filter 20u




The fine filter F1 is a stainless steel 1.4404 or

brass manufactured filter with a replaceable

filter element made of sintered bronze or highgrade steel.

The built-in filter element holds back solid

particles to 20 and/or 40 Micron and permits

only cleansed gases or liquids to flow to the

following equipment.


The in and outlet this fine filter is equipped with

a standard internal thread G1”. In order to

constantly have the maximum flow capacity

available, it is advisable to periodically examine

the filter element and replace when necessary.

Application area:

We urgently recommend the use of this filter

element in connection with our pressure

regulators D1, DH1 and L1, where the accuracy

and life span of pressure regulators can be

substantially increased with a clean medium.

Further application areas exist in high pressure

pneumatics for the protection of sensitive

measuring equipment and controllers.

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